EOTiST Webinar 2

The EOTiST Project is presenting, in the framework of its Virtual Training component, a set of webinars to complement the virtual courses on Remote Sensing, Ecosystem Research, Modelling and Computer Sciences that are being developed within the project.

The EOTiST Webinar 2 – Ecosystem Services applications is the second of the three webinars that will be held throughout the project. It is addressed mainly to CBK PAN members and will cover the generation and use of remote sensing derived ecosystem services applications for the evaluation of landscapes.

Time: Fri, Jan 12, 2024 11:00 AM – 01:00 PM CET

Registration form: link


11.00 Brief introduction to EOTIST project (Edyta Woźniak, CBK PAN)

11.05 Advancing Scientific Excellence with Digitalization: Insights from the DigiMedFor Project (Burcu Berk, CREAF)

11.30 Ecosystem services of forests and landscapes: what have we done and what things can we do to understand them better? (José Valentin Roces-Díaz, CNR Institute for BioEconomy)

11.55 Assessing and mapping yearly ecosystem services supplies in areas affected by land degradation processes with the support of remote sensing indices (Fabrizio Ungaro, Natural Resources Institute Finland LUKE)

12.20 TBD (Parvez Rana)

12.45 Questions and answers

13.00 Closing

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