Project progress meeting – December, 2023

The last progress meeting of EOTiST project in 2023 year, was organized in the headquarters of CBK PAN. On the first day, we have reviewed the progress within the work packages, Key Performance Indicators, deliverables status and the milestones. In the afternoon we participated in Workshop V, which contained:

  • presentation of Anthony Lehmann: Ecological Infrastructures in Switzerland at different scales
  • presentation of Richard Lucas: Living Earth
  • presentation of CBK PAN activities related to various Ecosystem Services
  • Panel discussion about the future research line of CBK PAN stuff.

On the second day (December 13th, 2023), we participated in Exploratory Visit 3b and mentoring programmes with CERTH, CNR and CREAF.

On Thursday (December 14th, 2023), we participated in Business Day, seminar given by Antonello Provenzale (CNR) and mentoring meeting with CREAF.

Last day of the meeting (December 15th, 2023) was focused on mentoring meetings with CNR on various topics related to soil-vegetation-atmosphere interactions.

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