EOTiST Webinar

The EOTiST Project is presenting, in the framework of its Virtual Training component, a set of webinars to complement the virtual courses on Remote Sensing, Ecosystem Research, Modelling and Computer Sciences that are being developed within the project.

The EOTIST Webinar – Massive processing of geospatial data is the first of the three webinars that will be held throughout the project. It is addressed mainly to CBK PAN members and will cover the properties of geospatial data that make it big data and how to deal with it: desktop and online processing, platforms and solutions, and will include two practical demonstrations, a Datacube and a VLab environment.

Time: Thu, Feb 2, 2023 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM CET

Registration form: link


14.00 Brief introduction to EOTIST project (CBK PAN)

14.05 Understanding massive (CREAF)

14.10 Properties of geospatial data that make it massive (big data) (CREAF)

14.20 Desktop solutions: script and batch processing (CREAF)

14.30 High performance computing environments (CERTH)

14.35 GPUs solutions (CERTH)

14.45 Introduction to Parallel processing (CERTH)

14.55 Online processing (CERTH)

15.10 Swiss DataCube (Gregory Giuliani)

15.30 Virtual Earth Laboratory (VLab) (Mattia Santoro)

15.45 Questions and answers

16.00 Closing

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