Progress meeting in Warsaw – May, 2023

In the second half of May, we had a pleasure to host the second face to face project EOTiST project meeting. We have met in Warsaw, for four days: May 16-18, 2023.

The first day was dedicated to the review of Work Packages and Key Performance Indicators.

On the second day (17.05.2023), we participated in Exploratory Visit III a, which was about the results and efficacy of realized training and research activities evaluation.

It was followed by On-site training III, where we discussed ideas for joint research projects.

During the second half of the day, Workshop IV (Time series in service of ecosystem monitoring) was organized. It was composed of 6 presentations:

  • Change detection analysis by Alma Blonda (CNR)
  • Open Data Cube technologies and utilization of analysis ready data by Ioannis Manakos and Eleftherios Katsikis (CERTH)          
  • Deep learning techniques for proximal sensing discrimination analysis by Theodoros-Rizos Chadoulis and Ioannis Manakos (CERTH)
  • Ecosystem modelling facility by Miquel de Cáceres (CREAF)
  • Ecosystem functional types by Cristina Domingo (CREAF)
  • Anomaly detection, principles and new perspectives by Cristiano Tamborrino (CNR)

Info Days III (Training for scientific career planning) was the last part of activities planned for May 17th, 2023. During the meeting two examples from CREAF and two examples from CBK PAN were presented and discussed.

Business days I was organized on Thursday, May 18th, 2023. It contained the following topics:

  • Sportello Matematico: bridging industrial challenges and mathematical technologies for innovation by Serena Fugaro (CNR)
  • MiraMon by Lluís Pesquer (CREAF)
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