EOTiST at ACZON Workshop 2023

Dr Edyta Woźniak (Coordinator of EOTiST project) participated in January 2023 in ACZON workshop ’Towards and Arctic Critical Zone Observation Network’, organized by by IASC – the International Arctic Science Committee (https://iasc.info/), in the framework of the activities of the Terrestrial Working Group, and co-funded by the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources (IGG) of the Italian National Research Council.

The presentation was entitled:

A. Provenzale, S. Aleksandrowicz, E. Woźniak, A. Baronetti, A. Foks-Ryznar, M. Magnani, M. Ruciński, G. Vissio, Wildfires in Northern ecosystems

and was the result of cooperation between CNR and CBK PAN.

More information about the project “Towards an Arctic Critical Zone Observation Network” (ACZON) you can find here – link.

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