Researchers from CBK PAN visit CREAF

In June 2022, Ewa Gromny and Marek Ruciński from CBK PAN visited premises of CREAF. It was the first visit in the frame of the mentoring plan which aim is to exchange the knowledge and experience between employees of both institutes with an emphasis on training young researchers from CBK PAN.

Ewa Gromny is a PHD candidate whose main subject of interest is Improvement on the spatio-temporal coherence of Land Cover time series. With her mentor Lluís Pesquer, she was carrying on the investigation of land cover changes around the Mtendeli refugee camp in Tanzania. Especially trying to understand which changes are the most significant and represent real transitions that happened in the investigated region.

Marek Ruciński, in cooperation with Cristina Domingo-Marimon, was working on Mapping Ecosystem Functional Types in central Africa using radar Sentinel-1 data.

During the secondment to CREAF they both gave a presentation about their topics to the researchers from the GRUMETS group to discuss the results obtained so far and hear valuable comments coming from different perspective.

After working hours Ewa and Marek were admiring the city of Barcelona and its surroundings, taking advantage of the amazing Spanish culture, hospitality and food.

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